With Kanye West having officially left Nike and joined forces with adidas, how many people will he be taking with him? Will so-called Swoosh "faithfuls" now hop on over to rocking solely Three Stripes? And will we also see a spike in price of resold Yeezys?

Nonetheless, those who are fortunate enough to have a pair of the Yeezys or Yeezy 2s hold a pretty cool piece of history, even more so now. Comedian Kevin Hart has just showcased his pair, but is it his farewell to the shoe and the Kanye/Nike partnership?

Above you will see Hart enjoying the luxuries of a private jet, all while rocking the coveted kicks. But here we note him throwing up the peace sign. Bye bye Yeezys? Bye bye Kanye and Nike? Who knows, exactly.

Eh, it's probably just him flexing.

[via Kevin Hart]

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