Yes, we do indeed have even more news to share in regards to Gary Paytons iconic Nike Zoom Flight “The Glove” model. We’ve already shared quite a few looks at some exclusive PE’s and colorways courtesy of The Gloves son Gary Payton Jr. Now, it appears as if we have a look at yet another vibrant colorway that will arrive as a retail offering. In paying tribute to Paytons time as a member of the Miami Heat back in 2005, the folks over at Nike have created this pair of “Miami Heat” Nike Zoom Flight “The Glove”. Fully equipped with a fiery red outer shroud, all of you sneakerheds will surely notice the hints of yellow and black spread throughout the shoes classic build. In case you forgot, GP was pivotal in the Heat making it to the NBA Finals that year. Aside from leaving his mark in the record books, GP was also crowned champion as well. Though he only has one ring to his name, he still made it to the HOF. With his signature shoe still holding its own in todays sneaker climate, it is clear that The Glove is obviously here to stay. 

Nike Air Zoom Flight “The Glove”


[Photos via kicks_lab_tw]