I'm a way bigger fan of Nike’s sneakerboot hybrid joints than you probably realize, especially considering the fact that I’m old and therefore think that the Air Max 90 is the best sneaker ever. And then they go ahead and throw an internal neoprene collar on this bitch to keep your feet safe, secure and warm?! Supposedly, these even have a winterized sole to help keep you from falling on ice while crossing the street. I dunno if they’ll actually grip any better than Nike’s regular soles, but if they do, they are easily on deck to become a modern day winter essential. Por ejemplo: One time I had on some sweet leather soled shoes and my sister and I were crossing a really busy, slushy street and I ate mad shit. I even did that cartoon-like shuffle before I fell. MY SISTER DIDN’T EVEN STOP WALKING. SHE GOT OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, TURNED AROUND AND LAUGHED HER FUCKING ASS OFF WHILE POINTING AT ME. Grab a pair of these and avoid sibling ridicule all season long.