AND1 Gives Lance Stephenson a New Tai Chi PE

AND1 Gives Lance Stephenson a New Tai Chi PEImage via AND1

The Indiana Pacers are cruising right along so far this NBA season. And with yet another injury to Derrick Rose, they may just be the only competition in the Eastern Conference for back-to-back champion Miami. 

A large part of the Pacers' success is due to tenacious swingman Lance Stephenson. Accordingly, his AND1 sponsor has just provided him with a new PE.

The Tai Chi take sports an Indiana-proper colorway, featuring a white leather upper that has been complemented throughout by yellow detailing. Born ready tagging has been applied on the side of the sneaker, with additional Stephenson-specific branding being noted on the heel and atop the tongue. The midsole on these Tai Chis bears a nice speckled effect, as the insole notes graphic print to round out the PE pair.

[via AND1]

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