I know not every shoe Adidas makes is a Stan Smith or a Samba, but I’m not gonna lie, I just assume any of their new models or iterations on a classic is really just a Samba or a Stan Smith. Take this pair from their collabo with McNairy—I keep writing that they’re McNairy’s take on Sambas and then I make an indoor soccer joke. Remember playing indoor soccer? Remember that guy Carlos Valderrama? LOL. I like that these shoes have ripple soles. Although, be forewarned, your friends will be like, “What the fuck's a 'TCMFB'?” You’ll have to explain the acronym and then everyone will realize how much of a nerd you are. If they still get Denny’s with you at 2:00 am, it means they love you for who you are. TRUE FRIENDS FOREVER, TAKING CARE OF MOTHERFUCKING BUSINESS.