Year Of Release: 1983
First Life: Running Shoe
Second Life: Pub classic

Launched in 1983 as a response (in part) to the Nike Cortez, the Reebok Classic Leather was the brand's first true success story. Consumers around the world fawned over the glove leather-it jumped from runner to casual shoe immediately and was seen on the foot of the coolest stars around. Print advertisements for the shoe showed a couple on a motorcycle and the tag line "You've Arrived." With it Reebok arrived as a crossover hit. The trickle down from stars to general consumers made the Classic Leather an icon on English streets. It has been occasionally derided as "Chavvy," but real heads recognize the power of the silhouette. Pubs being the best meeting places for Brits, and the Classic Leather being ubiquitous on the feet of all folks wanting to be somewhat stylish without breaking the bank, the shoe has a second life in pint swilling culture. Remember the term "Pub Classic." This is the shoe that helped coin it.