After previously asking his fans what sneakers he should wear this season, it now appears that Metta World Peace will be rocking his own shoes, Tru Wariers. You haven't heard?

If you go to Metta's website, you will find a section showcasing his Tru Warier graphic, that reads "coming soon."  We of course assume that this is the now-Knick baller's new brand, as we also get a look at the, uh, interesting kicks via the imagery above, tweeted by Metta.

"So comfortable," Metta revealed via Twitter, as he then went on to disclose that you can sign up on his website in order to receive a pair of game-worn sneakers. And while the on-hand footwear may look something like referee kicks, we guess if Metta has actually rocked them, they may be cool to have?

That's all really up to you, though. Nonetheless, if you're down, visit today to sign up.

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