Yo, what the fuck is Nike White Label? I mean, c’mon, Nike. You do realize you can just charge a bunch of money and call it regular Nike, right? I'm almost positive there are about to be some wild dickheads in comment sections across the globe saying stupid shit like, “Why would I pay these prices when I could get the same thing at Modells'?” For starters, you can’t. Two, just fucking relax with all these demands of quality and justifications for high prices. THIS IS MASS CONSUMERISM, BRO. THE ONLY REAL DRIVERS OF PRICEPOINTS ARE MARKETING AND DEMAND. The minute Miley Cyrus started singing about drugs, the local molly dealers in Des Moines were like, "FUCK YEAH, NOW WE CAN CHARGE SORORITY GIRLS DOUBLE THE PRICE WE CHARGE STRUGGLE 'INDEPENDENT' RAPPERS." I like this sweatshirt because it has that MA-1 style sleeve pocket that no one ever puts anything in, but is always a valid reason for purchasing a particular garment.