Last week, we introduced you to the new PUMA Future Disc Blaze Lite, hitting retailers this past weekend in the form of the “Tech’d Out” pack. But since sneakers are so much more than just uppers and soles, we got with PUMA footwear designer Jon Tang to tell you everything you need to know.

Interview by Aron Phillips (@the_real_aron)

The PUMA Future Disc Blaze Lite is a mouthful. If you can, break down each part of the name for us.
PUMA is well… us. ‘Future’ is a term we’ve begun to use for evolved heritage product. The Disc Blaze is one of our many heritage styles, and we plan to continue to evolve it as well as others through different vehicles of storytelling. ‘Lite’ is the idea of minimalism, whether that is through weight, substance, or execution. Can we do more with less?

What can you tell us about the original Trinomic family that released back in the ’90s, and how that relates to this shoe today?
Trinomic was always a performance technology back in the day. It tackled the idea of ‘stability’ and how to soften impact pressure in different areas of the foot. This is still very relevant today. Though the actual parts of it are a bit outdated, the idea of tackling this issue is still an ongoing problem we shoe designers will always face.

When we were updating the Disc Blaze, we had to find the connection of Trinomic and how to evolve that. After talking to our performance running teams, we worked with them on understanding how they deal with this problem today on a performance side. We wanted to bring that realness of performance back. We used many of the same materials on both the upper and bottom to really connect back to the idea of what the original intent of the design was about.

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