In making good on our guess that a complimentary pair of Nike Air Max 95’s would indeed be joining the “UK” Nike Air Max 90 SP’s as a part of Nikes “Camo” Air Max Collection, it looks like we were spot on. Adding to the “UK” portion of the aforementioned collection will be this pair of hemp/military brown AM95’s. Following the same formula as its Air Max 90 counterpart, this pair of kicks has the same British Desert DPM-inspired camo pattern. Unlike like the AM90, the pattern winds up covering the shoes entire upper. By now, all of you sneakerheads can probably fill in the blanks and figure out what else will show up on these kicks, along with how they will arrive. With two new countries having been added to the massive collection over the last few days, October 26th is going to be a day jam-packed full of camo covered releases. Despite not releasing any information about the additions until a few days before the actual release date, it seems like Nike is using the element of surprise to help aid in their retail success this coming weekend. While we are all just five days away, we honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few more kicks added to the list. 



[Photos via atmos]