Today, California's Brandon Barretto of FlipItSF and Imaginary Zebra have released their new collaborative collection, featuring Jordan, Yeezy and McFly print and keychain packs.

These fresh novelty items showcase quite the impressive attention-to-detail, with each set including a personal signed, numbered and embossed card titled to the receiver, a limited edition 5×7 inch print hand numbered, housed in a matte black frame, and complemented with a respective keychain. All of this has been hand-packaged from their studio, as above you can get a detailed look at the process behind putting together these intricate kits.

Of course, three iconic silhouettes were chosen, honing in on three very influential individuals in their own right. From the printed graphics of Jordan, Ye and Marty to the keychains and the remaining detailed elements, we dub this a pretty damn impressive novelty collection.

The packs have become available as of today, as you can further investigate purchasing by visiting Imaginary Zebra.