Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas Decoud has roughly 700-800 pairs of sneakers, so it's pretty safe to say that the professional athlete isn't new to the whole sneaker purchasing experience. But just as happens from time to time when attempting to buy, some things just don't go as planned and there are a few set-backs.

Here we see Decoud visiting a sneaker shop in attempts to get his Glove fix. The store employee then runs through a series of questions to ensure that Thomas would be a worthy owner, inquiring about his home environment, travel situation, and even inspecting his Yeezy IIs. But when the ATL athlete mentions naming his new sneaks, the store worker shuts down the transaction. Oh, but there are several second-hand kicks to be had. Maybe Thomas could settle for some of those.

Nonetheless, to check out Decoud's trouble while attempting to buy, simply press play above. Also, to see a coinciding commercial for Thomas, regarding his plea to rescue second-hand shoes, see below.

Thanks to the good folks over at Sports Illustrated for letting us in on these humorous clips. Enjoy.

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