Tomorrow, Reebok will be launching two new silhouettes within its basketball range, the Q96 and the Pumpspective Omni. Accordingly, today we get an inside peek at each sneaker, courtesy of the Reebok team.

The Q96 model was inspired by the iconic Question Mid silhouette that AI made so popular. Design cues have been pulled from the old school hoops sneaker and implemented on the new release, all while updating the kicks with a more modern look and feel.

The Pumpspective Omni draws inspiration from the classic Pump Omni model, of which Dee Brown was of course well-known for rocking. Again going with the iconic pump atop the tongue, the similarities between the two silhouettes here are of course unmistakable.

You can get a closer look as well as hear the guys from Reebok speak on each shoe, via the visual above. Again, also look forward to the Q96 and the Pumpspective Omni hitting authorized Reebok retailers tomorrow.