Aside from the “Fusion Red” GS Air Jordan X’s that will be releasing this weekend, it looks like Jordan Brand has another vibrant release in the works. In keeping the extremely colorful GS train rolling right on down the line, JB has created this pair of Teal/Pink Air Jordan V’s. Seeing as how the Air Jordan V has been rather busy this year, the classic silhouette will be hitting retailers yet again fairly soon. With this pair of AJV’s scheduled to release on November 23rd, I think we all can admit that these will surely be hard as hell not to spot once they are placed about the shelves of retailers nationwide. We aren’t really sure what has JB creating all of these color happy releases for the GS audience, but they must obviously know something that we don’t. From what we can see in the photos, these joints will not come barring that shinny, soft looking upper like that of the “Rainbow” pack Jordans and several other previously released GS offerings. Are you GS sneaker enthusiasts looking forward to this colorfully potent AJV concoction? Or has your color well run dry? You’ve got plenty of time to decide on whether these will be an instant cop or an easy pass. 



[Photos via  Windy City Sole]