Being a sneakerhead isn't a lifestyle or hobby for people who hate spending money. There are always sneakers you can come-up on for cheap, but getting your favorite sneakers usually means shelling out a ton of cash. With all the money sneakerheads are dealing with on a regular basis, you'd think they'd know a thing or two about balancing their finances. But, nope, they suck at it.

If a sneakerhead were to advise you on how to spend, save, or invest your money, you'd be bankrupt within a week. It's not their fault, they're passionate about sneakers. But they could afford to take a money-management class or two. If you go to do your taxes next year, and your accountant has a pair of Space Jams on, walk the other way. Here are 10 Reasons You Should Never Take Financial Advice From a Sneakerhead.

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