Usually, you don't associate getting custom sneakers with a visit to your local Foot Locker. And if you're the one guy who asks the sales guy to make the tongue a different color on the Air Force 1s, you're an asshole. But Foot Locker's flagship store, located at Times Square, NYC, is changing the sneaker retail game.

The store now has a kiosk where you can customize a pair of New Balance 574s with an interactive interface. You'll be able to pick from all the options that the custom 574 Made in USA New Balance program has previously offered, but from the middle of a Foot Locker.

The sneakers will run you $140 a pair, and will come to your house in only six to 10 days. No more waiting weeks or months for a pair of bespokes.

So what will you pick: Green suede with pink accents? Or all-grey with your name on the back? 

[via Sneaker News]