Today we have been awarding our readers with a closer look at the custom sneakers that were revealed on the season premiere episode of Quickstrike last week. First we brought you the Bespoke AF1s that DJ Clark Kent created for Russ Bengtson. Then we showed you the Bespokes that Russ in turn crafted for Clark. Now, it's all about special guest JBF Customs and the kicks he customized for DJ Clark Kent.

The scaly, textured technique has seemingly been perfected by JBF Customs as of late, especially on his recent JB creations. This is exactly what Jake Ferrato went with, as he crafted a coinciding makeup of the Air Jordan 1 for DJ Clark Kent. Again, gifted to Clark on our new episode of Quickstrike, the custom kicks are a nod to the enthusiast's beloved New York Knicks. The blue and orange pair showcase the coveted textured look and features the expected "Incomparable" tagging atop the tongue.

The above photos award with a better look at the custom Js, which will probably have many of you out there drooling. Anyone else jealous of Clark right now?