Keen is usually known for their trainers but are inviting people to design their own customized Keen Newport H2 sandal. The new customization program has already launched and you can customize to however you would like. With more than 80 colors to choose from and more than 65 million possible sandal color combinations, Keen fans can lead the design process creating sandals as unique as they are. “Ten years ago, Keen revolutionized footwear with the introduction of the original hybrid Newport sandal. Now fans can make our number one style their own,” said Christa DePoe, VP of global online and retail at Keen.

Customers can pick from both male and female sizes to begin their custom work. Each piece of the shoe from outsole to laces can be customized, including the individual webbing straps, bungee laces, stitching, footbed and more. We have made a few like an Air Max 95 pair. Head over to the Keen sight and see what wonders you can come up with on this interactive sight. Once designed, these colorful sandals ship directly from factory to fans in about three weeks. They retail for $150. Yell us what you came up with. Till then, we are taking our talents to “South Beach”.


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