If you're the owner of a small brand trying to do "technical yet wearable athletic apparel," sorry. Like, you might run a pretty good business and you're in a few stores and shit, but you're never going to be the big name you very well may want to be. Why? I'm not tryna be a dick or anything, it's just, you know, you're not Nike. You see, Nike has this thing called "unlimited money for big name endorsements," meaning they can put together videos like the one you see above, featuring some of the most recognizable athletes on the planets. That alone would mean you're essentially fucked, but damn, from what I can see, the clothing in their new "Tech Pack" look pretty awesome too: a hoodie in some sort of technical polyester fleece material (I'm guessing) and a killer, murdered out varsity jacket to name a few. Nike even has these other things called "stores in every major metropolitan area in the world," so, like, damn, bruh. Maybe you should have become a lawyer like your Dad told you to. Just saying.