Nike just kinda undermined this whole integrity thing with these Skysteppers. Clearly, they're intended to be cheap knock-offs of their own Air Yeezy, which has us wondering, what the fucking fuck, Nike? Maybe this is a response to all the shady third world Yeezy knock-offs out there and a preemptive strike against any would-be bootleggers? Even if that's the case, people buy knockoffs of the things they can't afford in hopes that they can trick others into believing it's the real deal. And the Skystepper doesn't even come remotely close to accomplishing that. In fact, by wearing these you're officially announcing to the world, "I really love the Air Yeezy II's, but don't own them and obviously never will." WHO WANTS TO ADMIT THAT?! The first rule of Fashion (and life, I guess?) clearly states: Never admit weakness of character or funds to anyone. Ever.