Nike Basketball has released Kevin Durant's sixth signature this summer. The design is unconventional to say the least (for a basketball shoe) as they are lower than any hoop shoe with exception to the now-defunct Converse Chuck Taylor. If you want to know what you can expect from the next installment of the Nike KD series then you've come to the right place, this is What to Expect from the Nike KD 6.

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KD 6_2


The KD IV's were narrow, the KD V's were long... the KD VI is back to being on the narrow side so either go with your true size or go up 1/2.

KD 6_3

Less Equals More

You receive less material but the shoe will run you $15 more than the KD V. They are still considerably less than the KD V Elite but with plenty of KD V's still on shelves... it'll be hard to make a decision when you can get one for a lesser price.

Are you going to be sacrificing any support with the reduces ankle height? Not at all. The KD VI just might be the best fitting low top shoe since the Kobe V... and that's saying something.

KD 6_4


Sure, the setup is the same as last years model but they feel different.

Break-in time was a necessary evil with the KD V and if you were man (or woman) enough to handle it then you were rewarded with a really comfortable hoop shoe. The KD VI on the other hand is ready to go fresh out the box. They feel like your old KD V's... only better.

KD 6_6


Dust will hurt their performance. Try and stick to clean floors or be prepared to wipe at every dead ball. The pattern implemented does work well when able - dust just happens to limit the patterns potential.

KD 6_5New Box

It has nothing to do with their performance but it'll look great when stacked with the rest of your sneaker boxes. No longer is KD the outcast in the Nike family as he finally receives a signature box the sixth time around. But hey, it took Kobe 6 tries to get his signature line its own special packaging too so don't feel too bad for him.

Earned not given; right?

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