Brett Golliff is a designer experienced in the sneaker, automotive and other industries. Follow him on Twitter @bgolliff.

Is it possible to create a sneaker that will live forever? I think the answer is yes and no. It’s not possible to set out to create a piece of footwear that will last the tests of time but it is possible to create a shoe that can stand the test of time.

Good design starts with solving a problem. The problem should always be centered on the person or the athlete in a sneakers case. It is purposeful. The form should always follow its function. It is impactful. It should cause people to react. For as functional and problem-solving driven every good design is, if it doesn’t have an element of surprise and delight it won’t move the world. Most importantly it should be original. If it isn’t new then why is it being created? All of these elements combine to create a spirit and an emotion that brings consumers in to experience the product.

I decided to break down the most iconic sneakers of all time. Sneakers that no matter what era we are in will still be relevant and for good reason too! Let the debate begin!

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