Name: Ryan Blevins
Age: 28
Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Twitter / Instagram: @BLEVisthename

What Is Your Favorite Sneaker?

Air Jordan 1.

How Often Do You Buy New Sneakers?

Weekly or monthly.

What's The Most You've Spent On A Pair Of Sneakers?


How Many Pairs Of Sneakers Do You Have?

At one point 200-plus before they were stolen. Currently, close to 100... give or take.

Do You Collect A Specific Type Of Sneaker?

I mostly purchase retro Jordans, Nike retro basketball, Nike Air Max 1s and other Nike Running shoes.


I used to sell to Kevin Hart regularly and have sold to Kanye West.


Have You Ever Sold A Pair Of Sneakers?

Yes, I used to sell to Kevin Hart regularly and have sold to Kanye West.

How Often Do You Look At Sneakers On The Internet?


What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind When You Hear The Term Sneakerhead?

Frontrunner (today's version).

What Are Your Feelings On The State Of Sneakers Right Now?

It's oversaturated. People don't really LOVE the game of sneakers. They like what's popular and it's all about quantity.

What Has Changed About Sneakers In The Last 5/10/20 Years To You?:

They lack creativity in design, or maybe it's too much creativity to where some shoes are an eyesore. The companies are trying to be as far out as possible, and some shoes/colorways are TRASH!

What Would You Like To See Change In The Future?:

Classic designs. Risks, but well thought-out risks. Collaborations. Exclusives that are just a tad bit more accessible (oxymoron, I know).