Ask any baseball fan and they'll tell you that a no-hitter is one of the most dramatic and thrilling occurrences of America's Pastime. But throwing one no hitter and then another over a period where no one else does? That's nearly unheard of. In fact, before last night, it most recently happened nearly 30 years ago when Nolan Ryan pulled off the feat in 1974 and 1975. And then last night, just like that, everything changed.

As the sun fell on Great American Ball Bark in Ohio, Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey completed his second no-hitter in a ten-month period against the San Fransisco Giants. The uncontested game is also the first no-hitter of the Major League Baseball season. As Homer sealed up his historic game, the Reds rallied to a 3-0 victory, pushing their record to 48-36.

It doesn't get much more high performance than a no-hitter, and Bailey was according laced in a Three Stripes model with plenty of traction for the mound. The adidas Excel 365 Mid is no longer available from retailers, but its ProTrax cleat configuration and EVA midsole helped Bailey to cement his place in history last night.

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