In a sport in which your most formidable weapon is your foot, choosing the right pair of footwear is kind of a big deal. But with so many different factors that contribute to making a solid soccer boot, doing so isn’t always that easy. Fortunately, SoccerCleats101 is fully equipped to help first timers to seasoned pros pick the perfect pair with this Complete Guide to Picking The Right Pair of Soccer Cleats. 

Just incase anyone out there isn’t familiar with SoccerCleats101, they are the go-to source for all-things fútbol (see The 25 Best Soccer Cleats of All Time). So not surprisingly, their comprehensive guide to buying the right cleats has all the information you’ll need to up your game on the pitch. Everything from playing style to materials used, and even your budget, are all things to consider on your next boot purchase.

For the complete breakdown, check out SoccerCleats101.

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