So you've got your new running shoes, some gear to keep you entertained and motivated, and the perfect shorts for your trek. Anything missing? If you're going to be running this summer, you'll likely encounter piercing, nearly-blinding sun rays. While many runners often overlook sunglasses, they can be an essential piece of equipment in areas with high amounts of sunlight.

Meet the Nike Max Transitions Speed Tint lenses. Equipped in one of their latest frames, the Tailwind 12, the Nike Max Transitions Speed Tint lenses adjust to the variable light around them. Nike teamed with Transitions Optical to create these protective lenses specifically with runners in mind.

These precision-engineered lenses actually adapt to the environment, becoming lighter or darker as the light shifts around them, allowing for both safety and visual efficiency. They also help to relax the eyes, so they aren't strained from light transmissions. Nike Optics technology is also implemented, which helps to eliminate distortion as a runner focuses on the path straight ahead.

If you're interested in trying out the benefits of Nike Max Transitions Speed Tint lenses, pick up the Tailwind 12 sunglasses today for $200.

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