Affiliation: Sole Collector
Twitter: @xzacx
Grail: Nike Air Max Uptempo III
Released: N/A

Rasheed Wallace is my all-time favorite NBA player. Period. I admit that it's partially for the wrong reasons. But as a cheerleader for foolishness, I can't help but be impressed by his record-setting 41 technical fouls in a season. It's a milestone that, due partly to the since-enacted suspension rules, is almost guaranteed to never be broken. But I also like him for some of the right reasons. When Sheed, already my favorite player, joined my favorite team — the Detroit Pistons — in 2004, and helped lead them to a title, that cemented his place in my basketball heart. Since then, I've amassed a collection of Sheed items such as jerseys (including a Knicks REV30), shirts and shoes. I always wanted a game-worn item though, and a few years back, an interesting auction caught my eye on eBay: a "customized," game-worn pair of Air Max Uptempo IIIs. This was a particular interesting item to me because when pretty much anyone thinks Sheed, they think AF1s. He did in fact wear other shoes in his career though, and one of them was the Air Max Uptempo III. While I've never been able to find a picture of Sheed in this exact shoe, I have found others of him in Max Uptempo IIIs, as well as AF1s with the same "customization" as this shoe. "PEE-U" crudely written across the side. Now that I have the shoe, my new grail is the story behind "PEE-U."