Carlos works for a local retailer, Shoe Palace, in Los Angeles. He collects shoes and works with shoes, and as he says, "everything I do has some involvement with shoes."

Bespoke Experience. First thought that comes to mind?

It was something else. Very cool. You walk in and see a bunch of material on the table. You feel like you are designing a shoe. I guess in a sense I was. It was like a dream. I think every person that is into shoes always thinks they can make the perfect shoe and talks about how a company should have done this or that. This really lets you pick out literally every detail about the shoe down to the stitching. They make it just how you want it.

What was your inspiration for your Bespoke?

Going into it, I was thinking a bunch of different things. I didn't have an exact thing that I was inspired by, so I just picked something that I liked. I have a thing for gold, so I put some gold in there. I put some croc in there for the luxurious look. But I also wanted to make something that I could wear all the time. I had these ideas for some wild colors. Red or green or whatever, but with my first one, I wanted to make something I could wear more than once.

Would you like to see the Bespoke experience come to L.A. permanently?

I would love for it to come out here. Now I am itching to go to NY. I have ideas for three more right now. If it came to L.A., it would be a lot easier for me.

How many pairs of sneakers do you think you have?

I am not sure. I get rid of some when I get new pairs. Not that many. I would say like 120.

Favorite sneaker?

The Air Jordan 1. In the OG colorway.

Where can people find you online?

On Instagram it is @C_Los626