As CrossFit training continues to grow, Reebok has put a lot of stock in the high-intensity form of working out, and it continues to do so with footwear designed specifically to cater to CrossFit athletes.

While the shoe itself only weighs 13.4 ounces, it has all the technical specs needed to help you lift you best mark. The CrossFit Lifter has injected TPU in the heel wedge, which acts as a stabilizer, helping athletes maintain balance. Its upper is made from synthetic materials, with perforations throughout for ventilation. For durability, the shoe has a carbon rubber outsole, complete with a toe wrap for an extra layer of protection. Above all else, the CrossFit Lifter is integrated with U-Form technology, which is activated by throwing your sneakers in the oven. Say what?

That’s correct. With the oven blazing at 200 degrees Farenheit, bake your shoes for three minutes (until the U-Form tab turns red). Then, pull them out, lace them up, and wear them seated for 8 minutes. And voila, you have a completely customized fit. Don’t forget to let us know how it works out.