Who says old guys can’t play basketball? Who says two points off the glass aren’t as crucial as a rim-rocking dunk? Who says an insanely good .817 free throw percentage is not a glamorous stat?

Whoever says such lunacy should try telling it to Dr. Bank himself: Tim Duncan.

In what may be his final playoff run, Duncan is closing in on capturing his fifth NBA championship. His four thus far have all been won with the San Antonio Spurs. In an age when players are constantly changing teams, Duncan has been a rock for the San Antonio franchise for his entire career.

After a fantastic Game 5, where Duncan had 17 points and 12 rebounds, a fifth championship is now in sight. Tonight, Tim hopes to bring the Spurs another ring. If he does, it seems as though he has to enter the conversation of being one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Doesn’t it?

Since he started wearing his Crazyquick footwear for the NBA Finals, Duncan is looking like much like his youthful former self. Quicker, stronger and smarter, Duncan is determined to once again put San Antonio at the center of the basketball universe.

To do so, he'll need to depend on all the key features of his adidas Crazyquick kicks in order to do several crucial things:

• STOP BRON BRON - Duncan and the Spurs have held NBA MVP LeBron James to less than 30% accuracy when shooting from the field. To repeat that feat one more time in Game 6, T.D. must rely on his Crazyquicks' non-marking rubber outsole, with Flex grooves that allow for optimum flexibility in all directions. After all, you must stay totally mobile if you hope to contain King James.

• BE ON THE REBOUND – Duncan has notched 56 total rebounds in the finals. To keep that up in Game 6, he'll need his Crazyquicks' techfit™ uppers, which are engineered for natural, flexible support and a seamless, sock-like fit. Plus, Crazyquick's heel stabilizers provide indispensable support when coming back down from the boards.

• BE A HUSTLER - Every baller knows that a huge part of outscoring your opponent by a wide margin, as the Spurs did in Game 3, is keeping momentum moving. To do so in Game 6, Duncan will depend on the shoe’s SPRINTFRAME construction, which uses geometrical research to create a lightweight and supportive basketball chassis that provides stability and speed. It should go without saying that both of those are of the utmost importance when hustling back and forth on the court.

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