Popping collars is typically the reserve of the American douchebag. One man gets a pass: King Eric Cantona. While at Manchester United, the fiery Frenchman won four Premier League titles in five years and famously lifted the collar of his Red Devils shirt to the sky for no fucking reason at all. Perhaps the reason was that he simply just had more swag than everyone else (and balls big enough to kick a fan in the face) and a nonchalance about the whole thing that says "I'm particularly excellent at my job" rather than, "Hey, look at me. I've got a new polo shirt on."

For 2013/2014, Man U is bringing back the collar. It's button down, black, small (Ervell sized), sits on a three-button placket shirt and incorporates a checkered pattern that reminds us that, way back when, Manchester had some stake in the textile industry—as a city it is largely responsible for gingham. Basically, you get two types of heritage here: an ode to one of the most stylish men in footballing history and an under the radar hat tip to industrial legacy. Nike employs recycled polyester for the body of the shirt, rounding out a perfect storm of new and old.