Not that anyone's counting, but last time we checked, LeBron James only had one ring — not four, not five, not... You get the picture. So why has Nike already printed a "2-time champion" graphic on the insole of the earlier-showcased Floral LeBron X Lows? We hate to point out the clear jinx factor here, but it's already looking like a tough road for Bron Bron and his Heat squad, as they are currently down 3-2 in this year's NBA Finals series with the Spurs. They of course are back in South Beach Miami tonight, trying to force that seventh game that David Stern we all want. Nonetheless, let us know your thoughts on Nike having already crafted the Floral Brons with the premature 2-time champion graphic. This could be a bigger story come later tonight, obviously. 

[via Deadspin]