Paul Rodriguez, more affectionately known to most as P-Rod, might be his generation's most gifted skateboarder. The once child prodigy has been putting it down for what feels like forever, and is set to release his seventh signature sneaker with Nike SB. As much as skate shoes have progressed over the years, there's still the simplistic beauty of a well-made shoe you're going to tear to shreds with griptape and bails over the next few months. 

The P-Rod 7 features a lunar sole, a mostly-red upper emblazoned with a lazer-etched design, and a black Nike Swoosh and toebox—a definite homage to Air Jordans, which P-Rod has been known for in the past. (Rodriguez even confessed this to us an exclusive interview.)

We've compiled a series of images to show the versatility an awesome skate shoe can bring the wearer, whether cranking out switch flips or chilling down by the beach—this can be your go-to sneaker this summer.