As sneakerheads, we tend to get all worked up when an "outsider" tries to come into our community. But when someone tries to define us without even knowing the life that we live, we get even more defensive. Whether it's a sneakerhead lifestyle, game, culture or whether we deny the labels of "sneakerhead" altogether, there's a common thread amongst us that we understand, even when we might not understand each other. Nightline's piece on sneakerheads had everyone talking last night and continuing into today, there's one thing that every person that has a love for sneakers can relate to—the passion for kicks and the desire to get the truth (or whatever we believe it to be), out there for the world to see. While you may or may not have liked the story about the 15-year-old reseller, there were still some valuable lessons to be learned from the show. Check out 10 Things We Learned From Darren Rovell's Sneakerhead Feature on Nightline and let us know what you thought of the story and how it could have been better—or worse.

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