Year: 1987

The shoe that birthed Bo Jackson. The shoe that gave McEnroe a little extra swag (and one that also signals a touch passing between Mac and Agassi as tennis' enfant terrible). Tinker Hatfield didn't invent crosstraining-German brands had been selling firm ground shoes for decades and Converse's venerable Chuck Taylor did work on military drill grounds-but he gave it new life. In its original Chlorophyll colorway, the 1987 design stood out from the pack, just like the athletes that wore it. The Trainer 1 is the father of the signature baseball and football trainers of the '90s. Beyond that, the silhouette inspired knockoffs which spoke to the mutability of the style and its potential on a variety of sporting fronts (our favorite? The Savier Trainer, of course). Changing the game ain't easy. But, when Tinker unveiled his multi-purpose masterpiece he blew previous attempts out the water and created a whole new way of thinking about the functionality of performance sneakers.