Year: 2006

Steve says: "Our Vegas event in 2006 was the epicenter of sneaker culture, all under one roof. Every single thing that happened during that event was positive, as we had insane samples and exclusives on display, and a great crowd from around the world. I'll never forget it. The lasered 3M on this Dunk High was a first and very unique, and the story told on the shoe (a sneakerhead on the hunt for his grail) was really nicely done. The dude giving the reseller the finger? Priceless."

Nick says: "I still remember every last thing about this event — especially the 21-hour drive from Portland with three of my closest friends. (Two of them didn't drive...) Not only was the all-day event the most impressive thing I've ever attended, but the shoe has stood the test of time. The reptile texture and lasered 3M worked great together, and the colors on this shoe really popped. Best of all, even all these years later, we still have people telling their own stories about that great night in Vegas."