Year: 2011

Nick says: "This was an awesome project to work on because the process was unlike any of the other ones we'd done before. Usually we have a story or specific color in mind when we're working on a shoe. I got an email one day from a close friend of mine that was running the UA Basketball category, and the subject line said, 'What are some milestones and things from along the SC Path?' With the Bloodline, Under Armour really told the story of Brandon Jennings' life from stop-to-stop all the way from Compton to Milwaukee. Each color had a cool hook about his journey to the league. I sent back a list of people, quotes, facts and stories about our team, and about four months later, we were given a batch of pairs of what we've since called the "SC Path" Bloodlines. They did an awesome job of making a cool colorway out of a mock that I sent over, and they included some great personal details about our team that helped to tell the journey of Sole Collector."