Year: 2009

Nick says: "This shoe is unlike all of the other shoes on this list, because it was actually fan designed. We teamed up with both Reebok and Honda to launch a design widget contest on our site (long before it became easy to do it), and the canvas up for styling was none other than the iconic Reebok Question. With nearly unlimited options, eventual winner Chris Pardo came up with this clean shades of grey upper atop an apple-green midsole and outsole. We'd never seen color on the Question quite like this, and the all suede look and near-neon hits gave the shoe some new life. Less than 20 pairs were made of these, with 10 pairs going to our judges panel, and the rest for the winner Chris and the Reebok team. We're still all waiting for when Reebok takes some inspiration and throws out some new and unique color onto AI's classic rookie signature model."