Year: 2009

Steve says: "The Penny IIs have been one of my favorite shoes for a long time and to be able to create a colorway that some people said was the best colorway of that shoe ever was a big deal."

Nick says: "Turning five was no small feat, and when I was looking up the history of the mag for some color inspiration on this shoe, I stumbled upon an old snapshot of the site from its early days with grey and neon accents all over the place. The classic AM 95 colorway was always one of Steve's favorites, and was actually the shoe he wore on his very first trip to the Nike campus. With the Penny series never veering too far from classic Magic hues at that point, it seemed like a great chance to try and do an all-new colorblock and version of the II. Like Steve said, hearing people say it's one of their very favorite Pennys is still one of the coolest things ever."