Year: 2011

Steve says: "Retrokid and I thought kids would love this pair but nobody else seemed to think they would be a hit. We lasered the shoes — first time a pair of shoes were numbered 1 out of X with a laser. I distinctly remember unveiling the shoes to the kids in line... hoping we exceeded the expectations of the biggest sneaker town in the world — and luckily we did. This was probably the reason we were able to push the envelope with all the other shoes we did in the future, because we were confident that if we believed in the colorway, that others would too."

Nick says: "When I started out designing the SC Penny pack, naturally I first started with the Penny 1. I've always thought it had one of the coolest and bold colorblocks of all time, and I just wanted to flip it and make it even more bold. I kept the wing and outsole white, then splashed some classic Atlantic Blue along the upper. Black accents throughout and a copper-molded toe detail and we were set. Sometimes it's the simple twists that can really make a shoe."