These Adidas 100% make me think of the Predators cleats when they first came out. I remember everyone on my travel soccer team was like, “Dude, if we got Predators, we’d win so many more games.” My parents, as doting and supportive as they were, probably realized the odds of their son becoming the next Brandi Chastain were slim to none and deaded any and all attempts to get next level technological soccer boots. It was bad enough they had to drive all over Michigan and sometimes Illinois and Northern Indiana just to watch a bunch of 12-year-olds lose in spectacular fashion. My dad also happened to be one of the coaches and he’ll tell you he took the losses way harder than we ever did. WIN OR LOSE, TEAM DINNER AT MCDONALD'S, MOTHERFUCKER. THANKS MOM AND DAD. I REALLY DIDN’T NEED PREDATORS, JUST SOME SWEET CHICK NUGS TO DULL THE PAIN OF REALIZING WHAT MY ACTUAL ATHLETIC POTENTIAL WAS. These sneakers still have the off-set laces so you can strike the ball cleaner or whatever. Buy them.