On April 5, 1984, NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became the league's all-time leading scorer, a position he still holds nearly 30 years later. As the Lakers squared off against the Utah Jazz, Abdul-Jabbar hit one of his trademark sky-hook shots which put him past Wilt Chamberlain's mark of 31,419 career points. Kareem would finish his historic NBA career with 38,387 points, which is nearly 2,000 than the player in second place, Karl Malone.

Jabbar wore a number of brands throughout his career, but was mostly loyal to the Three Stripes of adidas. One of his most well-known signature models is the adidas Hook Shot II, which is picture above. Although the leather, textile, and rubber construction are fairly primitive by today's standards, these materials were the norm during this era of basketball footwear. You can pick up a pair yourself from German retail Afew for around $160 USD.

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