The NBA Playoffs have been thrilling thus far, and last night's Denver-Golden State match up was no exception. The Warriors pushed through to a 110-108 win, fueled by 29 points and 11 assists from Stephen Curry. The NBA's leading scoring of the night, however, was Denver's Ty Lawson. The point guard had 35 points and 10 assists, recording a double-double for the night.

Lawson's footwear caught Sneaker Report's eye as well. He was in the Nike Zoom Soldier VI, which is a LeBron James endorsed model. But Lawson's PE version isn't unique just for its colorway, it also lacks the straps normally found on the Zoom Soldier VI. We're not sure whether he cut them himself or requested a strapless pair from Nike, but it's definitely interesting that he chose to play without the model's lockdown strap. Pick up the Zoom Soldier VI today for $120.

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