The top-ranked point guard in the Class of 2013, Andrew and his brother, No. 1 ranked shooting guard Aaron, head for Kentucky as part of one of the most talented recruiting classes in history. Harrison, who many feel will be a Top 5 NBA pick as soon as 2014, led all players in the Jordan game with eight assists.

Favorite Air Jordan: “The Black Cement III’s.”

How did it feel to play in this game wearing the Jumpman all over, while Jordan himself was watching you play?

It was a fun game. A lot of great players played in it, so it was an honor.

How did you enjoy going around New York City with the Jordan Brand and everything?

It was cool. We didn’t get to go around that much, but we saw a lot, and I really enjoyed myself. 

What’s been your favorite experience besides the game this week? 

Probably the Drake concert was the best part.

What’d you think of the XX8’s?

They were comfortable. I mean, it wasn’t like… they didn’t feel like regular shoes, but they were comfortable all in all.

I know you’re kind of young relative to when he retired, but how much are you into studying Jordan’s career?

He’s definitely my favorite player of all time. I’ve gone back and watched a lot of him, especially this past year, studying his mindset, and the way he gets his shot off.


What do you think is the most important thing you’ve learned from studying his career and his life? 

Just the confidence that he had every time he stepped on the court. And how consistent he was with his effort. It’s just, every game was important to him.