Can a reformed sneakerhead live one normal goddamn month without an insanely dope release these days? CAN I LIVE? It's not a fucking game anymore, Nike. Quit tugging at our fragile old shoestrings because we're like overly attached ex-girlfriends—we will come crawling back with the thirst. Word is out that the black/metallic gold AJ 1 OG is dropping April 13. THAT'S NEXT MONTH, GUYS. How the fuck did this fly over our collective blogging radars? What happened to at least getting a three month heads up? I haven't been putting lunch money into the squirrel fund man. For those that don't know, these were first produced in 1985 in extremely limited numbers and only blessed to friends and family. And before our awesome readers start trolling the comments—yes, I'm well aware these aren't exact replicas, but you'll take what Nike gives you and like it. And the 2003 joints were straight basura, so piss off.