Believe it or not, the Boston Celtics have been playing pretty well since Rajon Rondo's injury. Since he's been out, they've had one of the best records in the NBA. The team seems to be playing with a renewed fire to fill the void left by their absent leader. Tonight, they're trailing the Charlotte Bobcats, but guard Courtney Lee is doing his best to keep his teammates active with four assists. He and Jason Terry are tied for team-high dishes.

Courtney Lee, a fifth year veteran, has also chipped in four points for Boston. But what's on his feet may surprise you. Originally worn by towering centers like David Robinson, the recently retroed Nike Air Max 2 Strong is giving Lee the support he needs tonight. Although the high-profile model didn't make Sneaker Report's 10 Best Nike Air Max Basketball Shoes list, the rugged Air Max 2 Strong is loaded with plenty of impact protection and support. You can pick them up today for $150.

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The 10 Best Nike Air Max Basketball Shoes

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