Eric Koston's second signature shoe with Nike merges durability and style for everything a skater is looking for in their next favorite shoe. 

Fusing the toughness a shoe needs to handle extreme rigors with style took a lot of input from the pro athlete himself, "We go back and forth the entire time until it's done -- until we can't tweak it anymore basically. I'll print out a design and start sketching on it or shoot a photo and send it back. We're pretty extensive until we get the finished product."

One of the most interesting technical updates was fueled by Eric's interest in the Nike LunarGlide+ running shoe, the support was changed to suppor the foot and the heel counter was hidden under the suede. The mesh window now allows the shoe to flex so that when the heel crashes, the counter stays with your foot at all times.

The Nike Koston 2 will be available April 1st for $90.


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