Technology has found its way into sports and it's not going anywhere.

We’ve already seen tech-heavy footwear, golf clubs, and soccer balls make their way onto the playing field (or court) in recent years. So the “world’s first smart basketball” shouldn’t come as a surprise to any one.

Created by InfoMotion Sports Technologies, the 94Fifty Sensor Basketball continues the trend of the modern athlete’s desire for instant feedback that can be used to better his or game. Much like the Nike+ and adidas miCoach help keep track of performance data such as speed, vertical, agility, the 94Fifty basketball uses internal sensors to measure precise data that includes shot speed and consistency, spin, arc, and dribble force, among other things.

The 94Fifty’s captured data can then be accessed from a smartphone app, which a coaching staff can use to gauge a player’s performance. It is currently being used by numerous D-1 college teams including: Wisconsin, Purdue, Dartmouth men’s teams, and UCLA, South Carolina, and Rutgers women’s.

Check it out on Kickstarter.

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