Only nine players in NHL history have posted more than 1,600 points (goals and assists combined). On February 28, 1998, Mark Messier of the Vancouver Canucks was the fourth player ever to reach the elite accomplishment. Facing off against the Ottawa Senators, Messier scored a power-play goal at the 13:46 mark, who also tallied his eighteenth goal of the season.

Mark Messier's prolific NHL career lasted from 1979 to 2004, and he retired with a final total of 1,887 points. The only player to ever post a higher total is Wayne Gretzky, who retired with 2,857 points, eclipsing Messier's second-highest record by nearly 1,000. Despite the large gap between the two, Messier's record stands as the second highest total points scored in NHL history.

For the record setting game, the Hall of Famer was strapped up in Bauer ice skates. Although it's difficult to identify the exact model, the Bauer Composite 5000 was Mark Messier's preference during this time period. Players can shop the latest Bauer skates here.

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