Significant Sneakers: Air Jordan IV, Air Jordan V, Reebok The Pump, Nike Command Force, Nike Air Pressure, Nike Air Flight 89, Nike Air Force STS, Nike Alpha Force II, Ewing 33 Hi,

The year tech took over. The 1989-90 season was the Year of the Hightop: Reebok's massive The Pump was followed closely by Nike's inflatable responses - including the Air Pressure (worn by, of all people, Knicks point guard Mark Jackson) and the Command Force. And even the non-inflatable sneakers were reaching literal new heights. Patrick Ewing's logoless, brandless hightops gave way to the strapped-up Ewing 33 Hi, and Nike's Air Force STS was both tall and bulky. Only the Air Jordan IV, a lighterweight update of the revolutionary Air Jordan III (which was actually supplanted by the Air Jordan V in February), spoke of what was to come. Mike's personal Air Jordan Vs, featuring an embroidered "23" on the outer heels, led to a release of a similar shoe, marking one of the first times a "PE" sneaker was made available at retail. The lack of the 3M reflective tongue didn't seem to hurt their reception.